Jewelry maintenance and storage

The gold jewels are made out of noble metal alloys and as a basic ingredient the gold. It is possible sometimes, our jewels to present some wears which are only external and reparable. The main reason is… chemistry!

When a jewel is worn, it gets in contact with many chemical elements we do not always realise. Such as beauty creams, suntan lotions, perfumes, the sun, dust, detergents, anticeptics, humidity and especially strong perspiration, acid PH of the skin which differs from person to person which depends on what we consume. All these are some of the factors which they can appear on the surface of the jewels when exposed and create a thin layer of blackness, stains, “waters” or blur. Basic condition for the maintenance of the glow on our jewels is regular cleaning.

In the market you can find special cloth for the use of the cleaning of the jewels. An alternative way to take care of them is to use soft soap and lukewarm water. With a soft brush dipped in this water, we can clean and then rinse the jewels very thoroughly in cold water and dry them very carefully with a soft cloth so that no residues of water or humidity stays on them.

In the same way we can clean all items of jewelry even those with precious or semiprecious stones.

Best is to avoid strong detergents or chemicals when it’s about jewels which have pearls, lapis lazulis, turquoise, corals, emeralds on them.

Moreover, we can always ask the advice of our jeweller whom we trust and he can take care and restore our jewels to their original condition, giving them glow and vitality.

In the maintenance of our jewels the way safekeep them is important. We never keep our jewels all together but separetely in boxes so that they don’t get in contact with one another. This way we avoid friction and stains. In preference, we keep them in cases, boxes which have fabric soft lining and away from places with humidity.

Silver as well as gold is also a noble metal. When left exposed it can acquire a black colour from the silver sulfide formed because of the acid, the fumes of the cars. Acid swear, soaps, creams, perfumes, detergents, the sea and in general whatever can cause a “chemical reaction”, is harmful.

Another more effective way of the maintenane of the silver jewel is the Rhodium plating. Rhodium belongs to the Family of platinium and it’s very durable in corrosion.

Alternatively, we can take care of our jewel using special cleaning material from the market. This way our silver jewel can have greater resitance and keep their glow through the passing of time!