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Last Updated March 2022


Welcome to our website ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS KOSMIMA, which includes our online store (e-shop). Our business ‘ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS KOSMIMA’ has created this website to offer direct service to its customers in a friendly environment so that we could inform them about the products at our disposal and the availability of online shopping via the internet.

This website and online store is owned and operated by the sole proprietorship ‘ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS’, with the distinctive title ‘ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS KOSMIMA‘, with VAT number 027038850, located in Athens, Attica, Kallithea area at 104, with PC 17676, by phone: +30 2109511651 and e-mail: and is represented by himself.

Before browsing and using our website, we encourage you to carefully read these Terms of Use, Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, because the use of our website consists of the unconditional acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Policies.

Below we will briefly describe your obligations, your rights and how we deal with unpleasant situations below regarding the use of our website.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The content (products, services, brand names or distinctive features, etc.) and the software of this website are subjects to the intellectual and industrial property of the business or third party legal owners and are governed by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, as well as the relevant international conventions. Visitors/users must not reproduce, copy, retransmit, store, translate, modify texts or images of the website without the prior written consent of the legal owner. Visitors/users should be aware that most of the products and services posted on the website are intellectual or industrial property of third parties and their processing (storage, modification, etc.) is not allowed without their permission.

In the event you discover that your copyright has been violated, please contact us immediately.

3. Visitor / User obligations

a. The visitor/user shall comply with the following rules when browsing or using the website, in compliance with the applicable law and in accordance with the good faith and trade practices:

  1. The user/visitor shall not send or convey in any other way messages with abusive, offensive, racist, threatening or generally reprehensible content.
  2. The user/visitor shall not send messages or convey in any other way information that violate personal data, copyright or property rights of third parties.
  3. The user/visitor shall not send or install malware, spam emails or promotional messages.
  4. The user/visitor shall not send content that misleads as to the identity of the user / visitor.
  5. The user/visitor shall not harass third parties in any way.
  6. The user/visitor shall not collect Personal Data of other visitors/users.

b. The visitor/user comprehends and understands that the business cannot check over at all time, although it makes every possible effort, the content and the smooth operation of the website and therefore it cannot guarantee neither the accuracy, availability and quality of the website ’s content, nor the possible exposure of the user/visitor to malicious software.

Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

The business may collect and process personal information, and ensures the implementation of all the appropriate technological and organizational measures in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

In addition, the business uses cookies for your best customer service. We encourage you to read our Cookies Policy.

5. Limitation of Liability

ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS KOSMIMA’ makes every reasonable effort to ensure that its website runs smoothly, however we do not guarantee that errors, interruptions or malware from third parties will not occur. Therefore, to the extent permitted by law, the user/visitor is solely responsible for any form of loss or damage is inflicted to him/her when he/she enters or navigates the website. The business will not bear any responsibility, including but not limited to any damage or failure of technical systems, temporary interruption of the website or its costumer services nor for the correction of any errors that may exist. For the above reasons, we encourage users/visitors of our website to use malware protection programs.

In addition, the business reserves the right to permanently suspend at any time its website and without prior notice.

The business cannot guarantee that the information and services provided on the website will meet the requirements and expectations of users/visitors. Still, the business makes every effort to provide accurate, truthful and valid information and to ensure the availability of the products which offers, but cannot guarantee or commit that the content will be updated at any time, nor can it guarantee that any incorrect entries of electronic data have been made. In fact, the business reserves the right to freely modify and update the content of the website. In particular, the business reserves the right to adjust the prices of its products.

6. Social Media

This website may contain links to easily access to Social Media Platforms (facebook, instagram). Social media providers are solely responsible for the security, quality, content, and use of your personal information when you browse their websites. We cannot control or intervene in these websites. Therefore, the business cannot hold responsible for any errors, misleading content and the processing of your personal information from them. We encourage you to read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, while for any issue may arise from the specific platforms we urge you to contact them directly.

7. Choice of Law

These Terms of Use are governed by the Greek Law. In the event that any of these terms is found to be invalid, the remaining terms shall not be affected and shall remain valid and in force. For any dispute that may arise in relation to the operation and use of the website, the the courts of Athens Greece shall have exclusive jurisdiction. As an alternative to any disputes that may arise with products or services purchased online from our e-shop, in condition that you are considered a consumer, you may opt for an electronic dispute resolution through the Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) through the online platform for out-of-court dispute resolution at

8. Changes of the Current Terms of Use

“ANASTASIOS ZERTIDIS KOSMIMA” reserves unilaterally the right to modify and readjust these Terms of Use, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes will become effective upon posting them publicly on this website. We encourage you to periodically review our Terms of Use, to be informed of any changes.

9. How to contact us

If you want to contact us for questions, comments, concerns or feel that we can improve on something, please send us an email at: or call us on: +30 210 9511651.